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The Savannah Evening Stroll

As the day winds down, our beautiful city seems to take a deep breath. Things begin to cool off and slow down. It’s the perfect time to see the town at a little slower pace. The Savannah Evening Stroll is our ninety-minute tour that does just that. We meet at Johnson Square at 6pm, and take a leisurely walk that ends at

Forsyth Park. Along the way, we discuss the City's history, talk a little about some of the great houses, churches and restaurants, as well as a few of the people and stories that make up part of the fabric that is

Savannah. We invite you to join us on a tour that takes a more relaxed pace. This is a group tour, and the cost is $30. We meet a little before 6pm at Johnson Square. It is a ninety-minute tour.

Please note that we only give this tour from March to late October,

when Daylight Savings Time has changed.

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